Before Motown: A History of Jazz in Detroit, 1920-1960

By Lars Bjorn with Jim Gallert

Before Motown is the product of thirty years research by Bjorn and Gallert. It’s been in print since it was published in August 2001.

It’s available from UMP or Amazon.

We give audio/visual supported talks on:

Before Motown: A survey of Detroit Jazz, 1920-1960. We have many rare photographs and audio recordings which we use.

Detroit Jazz: The Roaring Twenties. We discuss some Detroit Ballrooms Theaters and Nightclubs. Again, we have rare photos and audio recordings.

John R, The Street of Music: John R street became a mecca for music in the late 1940’s. Our presentation covers clubs and musicians, especially the Flame Show Bar.

Contact us: Reasonable rates

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