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This site is dedicated to Jazz musicians, especially Detroit musicians, who strengthen us and enrich our lives with amazing music.

Detroit Jazz Festival

The Detroit Jazz Festival has been showcasing World-Class Jazz for 42 consecutive years. We have been honored to host the Jazz Talk Tent since its birth in 1994. We thank Gretchen Valade, our East-side Jazz Angel, for rescuing our festival and setting it on a upward trajectory, Chris Collins, Artistic Director and President of the DJFF, for his audacious programming, and Tom Robinson (Mack Avenue Records) for sponsoring us. Some of our features were first published in DJF program booklets, and we thank the Festival for permission to use them. Check out the DJF website: http://www.detroitjazzfest.com

Below are photos taken at the Festival, mostly at the Talk Tent.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Does anyone remember The Unstabled Club on 2nd BLVD. ? Jazz Club owned by Edith Canter. It was between Seldon & Brainard? The Detroit Jazz Quintet was featured way back in the 50’s? 60’s?


  2. Jim,
    Dave & Sherri from PlanetD today. If your bored & need a escape next March 30-April 2 to Knoxville keep Big Ears Festival on your music radar. We are planning on going back after our first visit this year. Cool town, music & venues. Good to see you & hope we run into you at the Detroit Jazz Fest.


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